Transgender movement across the world is at an accelerated phase with the community's fight surpassing that of basic rights to identity, acceptance and towards a more inclusive society. Despite the increasing acceptance and mainstream media discussion, transgender individuals still face socio-economic and systemic barriers across the world. These challenges make it important for an international cooperation to foster the empowerment of transgender individuals.

We are at a time when the struggle of transgender community for equal rights and acceptance is not in isolation but is gathering active participation from civic societies, public authorities, and allies. Trans Diamond is one of its kind international festival set up to further this goal and provide necessary acceleration.


At the outset, Trans Diamond is a 5-day long festival dedicated to celebrate diversity and be the platform for active citizenship and international collaboration. The festival is a set of distinctive events that brings world’s leading transgender activists, like-minded corporations, government bodies, communities, civil societies, leading LGBTIQ groups, artists, film-makers and policy makers together. The larger aim of the festival is to foster international collaboration and accelerate the movement.  Come join us this November to meet some of the  amazing role models and be inspired!


Trans Diamond envisions to:

  1.   Be the action-leader in steering the dialogue ahead by enabling representation at the macro level;
  2. Establish partnerships paving way for international mobility projects;
  3. Identify role model & leaders from within the community;
  4. Set up an international fellowship program to build capacities of trans activists;
  5. Facilitate exchange of best practices and
  6. Advocate for equal rights and break media stereotypes

Click here to read more about various events scheduled to take place throughout the Festival!